These Are the Dorm Trends You Need to Follow This Year for the *Cutest* Room

Decorating your dorm to perfection is a staple of every college student’s college experience. Getting matching bedspreads with your roommates, picking out the perfect wall decorations and color scheme, and making sure it all looks perfect for the shot on your insta story are crucial elements of the design experience that everyone looks forward to and spends their entire summer planning. Here are some of the trends that college students chose for the 2019-2020 school year. 

1. Comfortable chairs

Forget the hard wooden chairs in front of your desk, students are buying comfier chairs to sit in and lounge around in while in their dorm. 


2. Pink and gray color scheme 

A very common color scheme that was chosen this year by Lasell students was light pink with gray accents. It adds a little pop to a neutral color scheme to enhance the overall feel of the room. 


3. String Lights

String lights are an item that never goes out of style. They illuminate the room in a picture-perfect way and adds the perfect amount of light to any room. You can also add pictures in between them to make a more personal look. 

4. Wall Art

Wall art is becoming more and more popular. People decorate with paintings, lights, tapestries, mirrors, clocks, photos, posters, and even more. Wall art really makes the room and can, in many situations, be the focal point for your room. Many choose to have one larger piece accentuated with smaller pieces.