Spencer Levin

It’s easy to recognize senior Creative Advertising major Spencer Levin on campus. Not only is he a friendly face, striking up a conversation with nearly everyone he passes by, he also has DJed plenty of events on campus, including Marathon Monday and Fresh Check Day.

Originally from Los Angeles, Calif., Levin chose Lasell because his best friend at the time was going to attend here. His friend ended up going to school in North Carolina, but Levin still decided to tour the school.

“I fell in love with the campus, and I also had a really great tour guide that got me really excited about the school. I've been here ever since!” Levin said. Levin also loves getting involved on campus. Although he’s been busy recently with an internship at Hill Holliday (Boston’s largest advertising agency), and minoring in Graphic Design, he is also a member of the Drama Club. Previously, Levin has been a part of Lasell College Radio, Blue Key Society and also worked as a peer mentor.  

As if Levin couldn’t get any cooler, he also drives for Lyft whenever he isn’t busy or hanging out with friends.

In his free time, Levin also loves to DJ and produce music. Over winter break, he had the opportunity to produce a soundtrack for his friend’s film.

“It was an enjoyable process,” said Levin. “I've never had to think about creating music in that way before; thinking about how to make 'tension' into a sound, and things of that nature.”

After graduation, Levin would love to improve his skills and produce a soundtrack for a major motion picture. If you’re lucky, you might just even be able to catch him DJing live on Facebook!


*Photo provided by Spencer Levin