Raegan Cleary: A Feminist Fashionista

Sophomore Raegan Cleary came to Lasell from a small town in Rhode Island, looking for a way to combine her love for fashion with her newly-found passion for writing. She found it through majoring in Fashion Communication and Promotion and getting involved in some of the publications on campus.

“I like being able to have a voice about whatever I want and what’s on my mind at that time,” said Cleary. She writes for both Polished Magazine as a blogger and on Her Campus Lasell, choosing topics from women’s rights to makeup and even music. Cleary is also a Peer Health Educator on campus and participates in theatre put on by the Lasell Drama Club.

“Being a Peer Health Educator is really a lot of encouraging students to make smart choices,” Cleary said. With this, she has been involved with putting on Alcohol Awareness Week, Fresh Check Day, and the Vagina Monologues. She was recently trained to become a co-director of the Vagina Monologues next year, along with sophomore Danielle Hogan.

Besides her passion for activism, Cleary also has an intense love for music. She credits her three older siblings for it, as they are between four to 10 years older than her. They all listened to bands such as Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, and Panic! At The Disco, which inspired her love for indie and alternative rock.

“I’ve been going to concerts since I was 10,” Cleary said. “I started a series on Polished called ‘Ones to Watch.’ Every time I go to a concert now, I write about them. My favorite was on Hippo Campus.” Cleary says her favorite band as of right now is Hippo Campus, but her favorite band of all time is The Beatles.

When Cleary isn’t writing for a publication or rocking out at a concert, she turns to reading. “I carve out a couple of hours every month to sit in the library and read the latest issues of magazines,” she said. She also has a long list of books to read in the future.

Speaking of the future, Cleary isn’t exactly sure what she’ll be doing once she’s out of college, but knows it will somehow involve fashion.

“Ultimately, I would love to do styling and be a band stylist. I really love putting outfits together,” she said. “I would love to work for a magazine too. Anywhere I can be creative and put together outfits or create content is somewhere I want to be.”

You can find Cleary’s content on the Her Campus Lasell page, or check out any of her blogs on Polished.

*Pictures provided by Cleary.