Professor Spotlight: Deborah Baldizar

Deborah Baldizar is a 10-year art professor here at Lasell College. Art is her way of expressing herself and communicating her truth to the world. Art also allows her to get at emotions she didn’t have words for. 

To her, the best part of being a professor here at Lasell is being able to work with “amazing students that challenge her every day”, helping them become the best version of themselves, and recognizing that Lasell is full of inspiring people. There are many values she considers that make her powerful as a woman, such as having the ability to be vulnerable and comfortable in raw/real conversations, while noticing that that’s where the truth and honesty come in.

While also being a professor, Baldizar is a mother of two kids. Being a mother comes with many high and lows, but the best part is witnessing human growth on a literal and spiritual level from the moment they are born, as well as going through their struggles with them and experiencing their pain and happiness. Coming to terms with imperfection is challenging as a mother, but that’s also what being a powerful woman entails.

Baldizar has accomplished many things this year alone. She took part in the 30-Day Project, and made 400 bowls for the Empty Bowls Club event to be held April 13. Baldizar also created 12 portraits inspired by pictures of immigrants taken at Ellis Island, to be displayed in the Eight Visions Group art show in July. Her commitment to the work and commitment to show students’ work has always inspired her to do the great things she does at Lasell College and outside in her personal life.