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My Takeaways of a Much Needed Winter Break

As much as I missed being on campus and seeing my friends, this one month break was essential. Certain aspects in your life can go unnoticed or ignored when you are busy. Having more time to spend with myself gave me perspectives on how I was performing in my everyday life. Here were the vivid aspects in my life that needed observation:  

My Sleep

Stress can cause a few eruptions in your mind and body when you’re not paying attention (or when actively ignoring those issues). Some health issues can be obvious and then the rest can be hidden. I didn’t realize I wasn’t sleeping as much as I should be until I was home. Although I was still waking up early for work, my mornings were much more refreshed and way less groggy. No sleep was also taking a toll on my eating habits, something else I noticed over break. 

Like everyone, I have been trying hard to prioritize sleep. As the spring semester trickles forward, I am going to continue to have sleep check-ins and reminders that will slowly push me towards a better sleep routine. 

My Career

As a third year fashion major, the feeling of being lost can happen. As my peers have been starting internships or finding their paths, I haven’t come across those feelings yet. 

I took the time to do some independent studies to research and find opportunities within my interest. It has helped lift some weight off my shoulders, which I am thankful for. I just have to continue to push my boundaries and my procrastination. However, treating my research as an assignment did boost my motivation. It’s easy to push self-necessities for later when it’s not directly assigned. If you’re willing to do work that was assigned from someone else, you have the capability to work for yourself when you want the best for yourself.

My Creativity

Artist block was a wall during this month. I wanted to push and give time for my paintings, but I was pulled back by procrastination and anxiety. To help with this, if I couldn’t pick up my paint brush, I would pick up creativity elsewhere. I created mood boards for my friends, observed visual designs in retail stores, and saved pictures for future aspirations for my next art piece. If I liked how a certain color or color palette from an item or food looked, I used my Adobe Capture app to collect it. As I’m always searching for new color palettes for my works, this app worked great for my curiosity. These little habits eventually gave me the motivation to finish one figurative painting. It now sits in my dorm and compliments my other art. 

For the Most Part….

A lot can happen in a month. It might not seem like a huge duration of time but it’s definitely enough to get some things done, even if they are little things. This is also coming from someone who crammed all of my health appointments in one month before school because I wasn’t sure if I would be back home at any point during the semester. Overall, show up for yourself in any way possible! Little habits and routines can enhance how you see yourself and your abilities. 

Jade Diaz

Lasell '23

Jade is a Junior at Lasell, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management. She adores figurative art, and enjoys being creative in any way possible. One fun fact is that her dog Finn, is named after a Star Wars character named FN-2187.
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