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Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, I didn’t know fashion could be a career. It was never discussed in high school, so the idea of studying it never crossed my mind. I also never worked in retail so I was not exposed to it. Instead, I pursued marketing in college, hoping it would satisfy my creative side, and I wanted to love it. However, I quickly grew to hate the traditional marketing practices. During my freshman year at Curry College, I began working in retail, a job that rekindled my love for shopping and sparked a newfound passion for fashion. As I explored this interest further, I started considering a career in the fashion industry because of how much fun I had in the fashion world. Dissatisfied with my current college experience, I began researching alternative options. At first, I considered studying abroad at the London School of Fashion. I have always wanted to study abroad so I thought, “Just go while you hate your school”. My mom had mentioned transferring because I hated it so much. While looking at schools near Curry College because I liked the area and I was familiar with it, I discovered Lasell University. Their Fashion Media and Marketing program immediately caught my attention, more than anything else. Intrigued, I visited the campus the next day with my current roommate Liv. The small, fashion-focused environment at Lasell felt tailor-made for me. I met with the transfer administrator and, after an interview, was accepted on the spot. I was so excited to be somewhere that I was happy and where the professors cared about their students. Since then, being immersed in the fashion world at Lasell has been both amazing and transformative. It’s been a perfect fit, allowing me to pursue my passion in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Hello! My name is Kayleigh Bollin. I am a study at Lasell University, studying Fashion Media and Marketing. I enjoy fashion, listening to music, dancing, and going out to Boston. I am from Martha's Vineyard, Mass.