My Backpack Essentials

In high school, I was notorious for being that person who had a fully stocked backpack the first day of school. Two weeks later though, I was down to some loose leaf notebook paper. When I got to college, I made a promise to myself to never get to that point again. With the help of a few essentials I’ve been able to keep that promise! Are you having trouble staying organized? Here are some things I think everyone should keep in their bag.

  1. Laptop & Charger: I don’t use my laptop for every class, but it’s a great thing to have on you at all times. Especially if you need to look something up or print a paper real quick. I also like to keep it in a waterproof laptop sleeve so I can protect it from any accidental bumps or a surprise thunderstorm.

  2. Planner: Don’t even try to memorize all your assignments because you won’t.

  3. Folder: Growing up I was never a binder gal. I didn’t have the patience to keep everything separated by subject. So the most effective way to keep everything together is to throw it in one folder.

  4. Notebooks: I prefer handwriting my notes. It makes studying so much easier plus I don’t get tempted to go online shopping in the middle of class. I also like to keep a small journal in case inspiration strikes.

  5. Water Bottle: Stay hydrated folks! It makes your life so much easier.

  6. Pens, Pencils, etc: I keep a little pouch filled with pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, bandages, tampons and who knows what else. All those little things you’ll need at one point or another. You may not think to include the little things like that, but trust me, they are life savers!  

  7. Birth Control: If you’ve ever forgotten your pill you know how much it sucks. I keep mine in my backpack so it’s on me at all times.