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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

During a busy day, busy week, busy life, it is important to take some time for yourself and unwind. A way a lot of college students like to do this is by watching some sort of entertainment. It can be hard to relate to celebrities in big TV shows or movies. Many young adults watch Youtube, so we compiled a list of the most relatable Youtubers to watch to relax and maybe even learn something. 

Michelle Reed

A recent college graduate, just trying to figure out life in the big apple. She just seems like a genuine happy person that talks about everyday struggles in post grad life, but talks about the small joys in her life that help her get through busy NYC life. In her “work week in my life” vlogs she gets some much done in a day, workout before work, and shows healthy meals she makes or fun events she goes to. She is inspirational to get a lot done in one day and she is unashamed of her faith and how that helps her navigate life. 

Morgan Yates

Another kinda recent college graduate who went to college on the east coast and now lives in L.A. Also, she seems like a genuine happy person all the time and her videos are always energetic, entertaining, and happy. A great watch to destress. 

Adrienne Finch

Coincidentally, Morgan Yates and her are roommates, if you watch one, you probably watch the other. She is the definition of a girl boss. Besides her youtube channel, she also has a very motivational podcast called Self-Made CEO. In her vlogs, she expresses that she is not perfect, life is not perfect, and there is always something to learn. 

Reese Regan 

A college student herself that makes videos about organization in college, how to get great grades, and mental health/self care. Her videos are entertaining, but also educational. 

Brooke Miccio

Another recent college graduate that now lives in the Boston area! She often talks about post-grad struggles: dating, making friends, new job, self care etc. Genuine and funny is a great way to describe her and her channel. 

Danielle Carolan

If you know Brooke, you probably know Danielle because they are real life best friends. Danielle is a current junior in college and her “ college week in my life “ vlogs are similar to Michelle’s where she gets so much done in a day and is really motivational to be productive. 


Emalee is a Senior at Lasell University and the President of Her Campus Lasell. She is currently a Campus Community Management Intern for Her Campus! She is a Fashion Merchandising and Management major and a Communications minor. Besides Her Campus, she is the President of Newman Society, loves taking photos, going for hikes, and going to the beach.