The Laser Leak- September

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   Welcome back Lasers, In this new article series we will be discussing all things that you need to know about Lasell.

Since it is September there is ton of new updates and exciting news to share. For starters, what is happening with Arnow Campus Center? As most Lasers probably already know the Campus Center is under construction which means a few things. First, the student center will not reopen til October. However, the second floor (Office of Student Activities and international affairs) and the third floor (dorms) are both open during construction just use the elevator to access them.

The second thing this means is that the dining scene at Lasell will be changing quite a bit. Since the bookstore is now in the Science and Technology building, the whole floor is going to be two new dining options. Unfortunately this does mean the loss of Einstein's Bagels, but it also means the gain of a new sandwich place and a mini mart. The whole Lasell population is excited for the reveal.

    There is also a ton of new exciting things happening in Activities and Clubs on Campus. This Tuesday Lasell had it’s annual Fall Activities fair and the energy in the athletic center was booming. Some exciting events coming up include The Drama Club’s production of Footloose: the Musical (Nov. 15-18 at the  Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre at Regis College), The first meeting of the new Best Buddies club on Campus will be held on Sunday Sept. 23 at 4:30 pm, Sparatones Auditions will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 7 pm in Winslow, and Hamilton tickets went on sale Sept. 18.

    Aside from all of this news, Lasell is very excited to welcome all of the new freshman and transfer students this year and we hope to see them around campus!