Lasell College Students With Side Businesses

Lasell College is known for its commitment to learning.  One of the values to live by is to believe in something, dedicate yourself to it, follow through on it and honor it.  Students at Lasell College live by this rule when they take passion in starting a business for themselves.  It's not something that is required for their major but is them taking charge of their lives and kickstarting their careers.  

Sydney Herndon

Herndon is a junior at Lasell.  In May 2016, she started her business called Cupcakes and Crowns. Her grandmother inspired her to start baking when she was younger.  

“I incorporate fresh, tasty ingredients with organic-looking wrappers and brown cardboard-pastry boxes tied together with baker’s twine,” Herndon said.  “I pride myself most on the fact that everything is 100 percent from scratch and made with love.”

Decorating the cupcakes is Herndon’s favorite part, where she adds drizzles, sugar pearls, edible glitter, and edible sugar flowers.  She make her cupcakes look as good as ones someone would find in a bakery.  They provide her a creative outlet and are absolutely unique.  Her motto for her business is that her cupcakes are sweet enough for any princess (or prince)!

Nicholas Iby

Iby is a junior at Lasell College from Massachusetts and studies Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Mathematics.  When going through a rough patch, Iby’s artwork is what kept him happy and his mind at ease.  Once he started to produce more artwork, his roommate gave him the idea to create a website to sell his artwork, as well as clothes and merchandise featuring that artwork.  

In October 2015, he started his website, Iby explained that “Adfectu” translates from Latin to “real feelings,” which he puts into all of his artwork.  On his website, designs can be custom or picked out from previously made designs.  Drawing is his passion and allows for him to make clothes and merchandise that he personally loves to wear and use. Check out his website here.





Nicole Taylor

Taylor is a senior Journalism major from Maine.  She finds herself busy on campus by being an RA, a Lasell Global Ambassador, and a writer for the 1851 Chronicle. Outside of school, she expresses herself by creating door tags for residents, visual projects, poster boards, and chalkboards.  

When Taylor’s sister got married in October 2015, she asked her to make chalkboard signs for the event.  Guests complimented Taylor on her signs all night, and some even asked if she could do signs for their events.  It was at that time that Taylor and her girlfriend decided to start a small business called “Let’s Chalk About It.”  

“I look forward to the customer satisfaction, and find that my practice is therapeutic. That’s what pushes me to do this,” said Taylor. She uses chalk paint instead of actual chalk to make it more interesting.  Taylor has created boards for wedding events, and has more already lined up. She is willing to make boards for any and all events, and would love to do engagement and possibly pregnancy announcement boards in the future.  

Her Facebook page is Let’s CHALK About It, and she is currently working on an Instagram page and website.



Dannie Moore

Moore is a Junior at Lasell College and is originally from Orlando, Florida.  In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and promoting his brand, Moe Millions Clothing.  

“I started my business last year and would describe it as a new and hip line that is a mix of every type of style,” said Moore. His business consists of exclusive, limited edition handmade shirts and accessories providing unique designs he puts together. His Facebook page for the clothing line is Moe Millions and his Instagram handle is @Moemillionsclothing.  The company is currently working on a new fall/winter hat collection, and is accepting pre-orders now.  



 (All photos provided by Lasell students)