The Jonas Brothers Finally Released a New Single and Suddenly I'm 7 Years Old Again


Last year, Her Campus Lasell reported that the Jonas Brothers may have been planning a reunion after their social media accounts reactivated five years after they disbanded, and it looks like the rumors are true. On Friday, the JoBros released their first single in six years, titled “Sucker,” after taking some time off “to focus on being brothers” and pursue their own projects. To add an extra dose of nostalgia to the news, the brothers announced their comeback by recreating their famous “Oh How The Tables Have Turned” video.

The Jonas Brothers went on air at Sirius XM to address their reunion, stating that Nick was the one who brought them back together. About a year and a half ago the brothers were making a documentary, which was originally supposed to focus on their childhood, fame and life post-boyband, but things took a turn when they rediscovered their spark. “I think we all kind of felt that there was a magic and there is a magic when we’re together that we really missed... I think we felt that we wanted to feel that magic again,” Nick said. “So we talked about it and after a few conversations, and a bit of healing that needed to be done with just us as family, we all came to the decision to do this again.” This comes as no surprise though, since everybody bought their seventh album in the year 3000, so Jonas Brothers fans knew that a reunion was inevitable.

This comeback put everybody on edge, wondering if they would have a new sound, and what name they would perform under. Previous reports stated that the JoBros would be performing under the moniker JONAS, dropping brothers from the band name. However, fans collectectively breathed a sigh of relief when the Jonas Brothers premiered “Sucker” and it sounded just like their old stuff, just a little more mature with lyrics like “I've been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars/ I follow you through the dark, can't get enough.”

With all the darkness in our world lately, the Jonas Brothers seem to be the light at the end of our millennial dread tunnel, cue the “Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem” by VenetianPrincess on YouTube.