The Jonas Brothers Keep Teasing Us & OMJ, We Can't Have It

Earlier this month the Jonas Brothers reactivated their Instagram after breaking up just over four years ago. In Oct. 2013, the JoBros decided it would be best to “be brothers first” and pursue different directions musically. However when the trio reactivated their Instagram, which was first announced by The Bachelor contestant Ashley I., Twitter lost it (naturally), and began hoping for a JoBros reunion.

It doesn’t end there though. On Friday Jan. 26, Nick, Kevin and Joe were photographed mid-conversation at a pre-Grammy party. This was then posted to Kevin’s Instagram and both Joe and Kevin’s Twitter.

While it could be that the brothers were enjoying a night out, former Jonas Brothers band member Ryan Liestman also posted a photo of the brothers, captioning it “Family reunion.” So could the Jonas Brothers be reuniting? Looks like we’re going to have to hold on, hopefully we’ll only have to wait a little bit longer.