How to Properly Deal with FOMO (Because We're All Guilty of It)

This is a topic that is always relevant for college students because of how many tasks and activities we do. When we make the responsible decision to stay in and do our homework instead of hanging out with friends, we have to deal with FOMO, a.k.a. the fear of missing out. During current circumstances, our world is in this is even more relevant.

1. Set Priorities

What is the most important task to you right now? What is going to help you in the future? Yes, missing going out with your friends stinks, but getting your work done now is going to help you in a couple of days when it is the weekend and it will help your future self complete your degree. You will be less stressed out in the future because you won’t be rushing to get everything done. Also, in the case right now, your health and your friend’s health is more important.

2. Keep In Touch

I know everyone is missing their friends right now, but send them a letter, facetime them, or call them. You can even do a group Facetime and now there is a website to watch Netflix while calling your friend.

3. Know That There Will Be Another Time

If you have to miss hanging out with your friends, there is going to be the next time that you can hang out with them.

4. Use This “FOMO” to Push Yourself

Let it motivate you to get your work done and not be distracted!

5. Remember You Are Not The Only One

Especially at a time like this, you are definitely not the only one missing out on something they were really looking forward to, so make the best of the situation. Hopefully, it was postponed and you just have to wait a little while longer. Also, our HC team has made many articles recently to check out on how to survive this quarantine!