How To Manage End of the Semester Stress

As a second semester junior, I finally feel like a normal college student- The kind that has no social life, is drowning in assignments, and is stressed to the max. Maybe my easy-going semester abroad is making me fantasize too much, but I can’t remember the last time I had this much work to do. While I won’t lie and say I’m happy and positive all the time, I have found ways to manage my stress and create an easier transition into summer. Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of me-time and relaxing.


First and foremost, and I hope everyone by now has adopted this habit: my agenda book and to-do lists are my rock and the base of organization in my life. Not only is it the way I make sure no assignments get forgotten, but it feels so good to cross things off the list once they’re completed. Blocking off specific time frames in your schedule is really important to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to finish things without cramming them all at once. Additionally, this forces you to get the assignment done instead of procrastinating until the last minute.


The key to this is also blocking off “me-time” and rewarding yourself for completing each task. For example, I will write down which assignments I want to complete each day and when each one gets done I allow myself to take a break and enjoy myself. Giving yourself that kind of motivation to reach a goal is really effective. When you know that a dark chocolate bar or social media notifications are waiting for you at the end, you’re empowered to complete the task. What’s really significant is using this time to think about anything other than school work and your to-do list. The point of this time is to give your mind a break and relax. Hopefully, you’ve created a timeline in which you’re able to get everything done, so stressing about those things isn’t worth it.


Speaking of relaxing, sleep is super vital to being a successful student. Pulling all-nighters might seem like the only route but this shouldn’t be necessary if you know how to manage your time effectively and it will make the quality of your work suffer. Going to bed at a normal time gives me the ability to wake up early in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I also eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins, nutrients, and high energy foods. These things combined- plus lots of coffee obviously- keep me going throughout the day, no naps necessary.


Understanding how much time you really do have in a day, figuring out how to schedule it effectively, and remembering to take a step back to breathe will ensure your success as the semester gets tough. Find time to meditate and clear your head, be prepared, watch your Netflix, and remember you can do this!