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How to Decorate Your Dorm for the Holidays

     Now that spooky season is over, we have two more holidays to wrap up the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone loves a good project while being cooped up in cold weather, so I have come up with some great ways to decorate your dorms for these holidays before winter break!


  1. Turkey Door

     Grab some big sheets of construction paper: brown, orange, and whatever colors you want to use for the wings, and some scissors, and have a great time redoing your door!

2. Leaf Garland

     Get some cardstock paper and cut it into the shape of leaves. String the leaves onto string. Do this until you have about five or six and you will have a cool garland for your room.

3. Pie Garland

     For this you will need to take orange, brown, tan, and gold paper, along with string and cotton balls. For pumpkin pie, cut a piece of orange paper into a triangle, then take a small strip of tan and fold it so it looks like an accordion fold. Glue those at the top of the triangle to look like crust. Then, take your white cotton ball and put it in the middle of the orange. For the apple pie, you will do a similar thing, but with gold instead of orange paper. You will still make the crust and glue it to the top, but instead of a cotton ball, you will take tan paper and cut small strips so it creates a lattice pattern and then you will have your apple pie. String these together and you will have another awesome decoration.


  1. Bows on your dresser

     Get a big spool of ribbon and create a bow, tape it to your dresser, and your dresser is ready for the holidays! You can also hang your photos there as well!

2. A Fake Christmas Tree

     If you get a small fake tree to fit in your room, you can put presents for your friends under it or just use it as a great decoration. They come in many colors and styles for you to choose from.

3. Christmas Light Garland

     Blow up green and red balloons and attach plastic cups to the top, and string them together to make this garland.

     These are some ideas you can use to get your room ready for the holidays. You can also look on Pinterest for other ideas and inspiration!

Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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