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HC Lasell's Tips on How to Handle Those Zoom-free Online Classes

Now that COVID-19 has sent us home for the school year, our teachers have had to figure out how to restructure our classes in a way that works best for both them and for us. For some, they have decided that using the video platform, Zoom, is the best way to hold class. Every day we have class, we log into the call and our teachers teach us that way. 

However, some teachers have decided not to use a platform like this. Instead, they just post onto our Canvas site all of the assignments, notes, etc. We use these things and work through each of our assignments and projects, passing them in on the due date. Some students prefer this, as they do not want to do a video call or be held down to be “in class” during a specific time frame. However, others feel that they are more lost and confused than ever, forced to try to figure everything out on their own with little to no help from the instructor. Here are some tips on how to handle an online class with no video calls: 

1. Make sure you are reading your textbooks and taking notes

For the class that I have that follows this format, we have assignments due almost daily that are based on the readings in our books. Make sure that you stay updated on the chapters and the information, as it will be almost impossible to do the assignments without them. 

2. Keep an eye out for deadlines 

These classes will not have a teacher letting you know when each of your assignments is due, so keep an eye on your class page to make sure that you are handing things in on time. 

3. Email your teacher if you are confused 

Many teachers are offering virtual office hours for students who have questions. You can also always email your teachers your concerns or questions, as they will be the best resource to help you. 

These are some ways that you can still ace all of your classes even if the format is not what you expected.