'Girlboss' Review: Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert: This article is a review of a current Netflix series.

Read at your own risk!


Despite going bankrupt last year, Nasty Gal continues to take over the world. In just three short years, Nasty Gal’s founder and former CEO Sophia Amoruso has released two books, a podcast and now a Netflix series. Titled Girlboss and based on her 2014 book of the same title, Girlboss takes us on the fictionalized journey of Nasty Gal’s beginning.

Britt Robertson plays Sophia Marlowe, a 23-year-old woman who works at a high-end shoe store without any direction. Unfortunately, Sophia gets fired and is scrambling to pay her rent, so she sells an original 1970s East West jacket she found at a thrift store for $9. Sophia knows the jacket is rare, but she’s blown away by how much she is able to make off of it. Sophia is relieved that she’s “finally figured out life” and will never have to work again, but things don’t always come that easy. A hernia throws off Sophia’s plan and she must enter the workforce again to get medical insurance.

Robertson’s character isn’t always likeable, but she’s definitely realistic. Upon first impression, she refuses to grow up and sees her job as just a way to pay the bills. She’s entitled and doesn’t want to do anything, especially work for ‘The Man.’ While we’ve never acted quite like Sophia, we understand her frustration and fears when it comes to becoming an adult. There are also times where she’s not the greatest friend to her bestie Annie, another thing we can all relate to. The majority of the show is pretty low-key, so it’s moments like that to add a touch of drama to keep the viewer hooked. Sure, Sophia isn’t the most polished, but she’s unapologetically herself, even if it isn’t the “ladylike” thing to do.

We also see a turnaround in Sophia’s character. At first she refuses to call her new job flipping and reselling vintage clothing a business, probably because she’s afraid to get attached to something so uncertain. However, her passion and dedication to the craft takes Nasty Gal from a little eBay store to a worldwide phenomenon. The next time Sophia hits a bump, insteading of giving up, she persists and does everything she can to make Nasty Gal even better than before.

Whether you’re a fashion geek, an aspiring entrepreneur or just looking for a fun show to binge, Girlboss has you covered. Not only will you drool over the beautiful vintage clothing, but it will definitely inspire you to kick ass, whether it be in school, your career or even a hobby. Check it out now on Netflix!