Fabulous Fellas: Pete Dolan

Pete Dolan is a senior at Lasell College from Pearl River, N.Y. You may recognize Dolan from around campus, as he is a resident assistant in Forest Hall. Dolan is also a part of the Men’s lacrosse team and he is a video maker. Dolan majors in Communication with a double concentration in Video Production and Entertainment Media. He also minors in Business.

When Dolan is off the field, he likes to help out wherever he can on campus.

“I try to add a positive spin on certain situations,” he says, when asked on what he brings to the Lasell community. Dolan also offers to help whenever he can.

Dolan likes to empower his classmates and residents by challenging them. He also does not try to look at someone for what they look like, but for what they can do. Dolan likes to bring other people’s traits forward and present them in a positive light.

“I don’t see people as a woman or a man, black or white, old or young, but as what they do,” Dolan says. “I try to challenge people who are good at what they do so they may be great.” Dolan likes to lift others up instead of knocking them down, which is makes him a great influence on campus.    


Photo provided by his Facebook