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Eric Mina: Comedy Hypnotist

“Ménage on Meows” (threesomes for cats), soda that tasted like pee, and Dancing with the Stars were just a few subjects that were covered during the Eric Mina hypnotist show Friday night at Lasell. 

Mina, a hypnotist who studied psychology at Penn State, brought tears to the audience as they held their stomachs from laughing so hard. 

The show began with Mina calming talking the subjects into a hypnotic trans, putting them to “sleep”. Although it seemed magical, Mina reminded everyone that hypnosis is a brain game and can be accomplished by anyone. Anything a person wants to change about themselves or accomplish can be aided with hypnosis, from quitting cigarettes to expanding memory. But this was a comedy hypnosis show, and Mina entertained everyone. 

Students played instruments upside down, twerked like there as no tomorrow, and hid their faces from what they thought was Minas naked body. “I loved the hypnotist show! I was laughing the whole time!” said student Danielle Varnum, who cried from laughing so hard. Angela Connolly, who was one of the students he hypnotized, said, “It was a great experience, and Eric made it fun.” Mina’s hypnotic powers were so strong even some students in the audience were hypnotized. 

It was amazing to see Mina control a group of students with just his voice. The actions he had students do were hilarious. There wasn’t a moment, where the crowd wasn’t laughing.

 After the show, Mina gave some wise advice to the crowd. Mina told the audience that with the help of your dreams anything is possible. If you want to make a change, then dream about how that change will make you feel and how others will react to your change. Mina is an act that should definitely be asked back. 

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