Empowering Woman Series: Fashion Styling and Photography Club President Madison Paloski

In light of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Her Campus Lasell found it necessary to highlight the woman that have impacted our lives or who we see making a difference for their community for this week (and every day).  In this Empowering Woman Series, we have chose to interview students, friends, family, and professors about what they do and what it’s like being bada** empowering woman. 

While many Lasell students may recognize junior Madison Paloski as Editor in Chief of HC Lasell, she also runs another club on campus- the Fashion Styling and Photography club.  Inspired by her time abroad at the London College of Fashion, Paloski wanted to bring that experience here to Lasell.

    “Editorial styling and working on photoshoots has always been a passion of mine that grew tremendously throughout my semester in London and in my fashion styling class I took there. I realized that this process that I went through in London with setting up such in depth shoots for publication was something that Lasell lacked,” Paloski said.  “I wanted there to be an outlet for other like minded students to be able to channel that creative energy into something that can be work they can show off to future employers and have that experience of already being able to know how to put on such elaborate shoots.”

As a senior in high school Paloski began getting more involved in photography, focusing on fashion and portrait shoots. Now, she strictly does fashion photography, and with that came styling. In London, she worked on two photo shoots as a stylist for class, one of which ended up being published, and also did side work as a freelance stylist. As stylist, Paloski cites Instagram as a main source of inspiration for the creative direction of her shoots.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram, honestly.  I follow a lot of fashion photographers and indie fashion magazines that I think are really changing the fashion game and are always so innovative with their posing, photography techniques, and styling,” Paloski said.  “It’s something that the bigger, mainstream fashion magazines have been lacking and looking at this stuff really encourages me to go outside the box and do bigger and better projects.”

Despite working on campus, interning at the HC Nationals office, and running two clubs, Paloski doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

“Honestly, I don’t see it as a problem.  Writing and directing shoots are both things that I’m so passionate about that neither e-board position I’m in feels like a chore,”  she said.

    In five years time Paloski sees herself working in either New York or London for a fashion magazine.

She said,  "My goal is to just be able to live freely and creatively in a cute little apartment… with a cat… Holly Golightly style.”

    With all her passion and experience, there is no doubt Paloski will be able to achieve her dreams. You can check out the rest of her work here!

*Photos Courtesy of Paloski