Campus Cuties: The Ordway (S)Quad

Ordway House is one of the many residence houses at Lasell and is right in the middle of campus. This quiet house is home to a few quad dorm rooms, and one of them belongs to these girls.

Cassie Langtry, Mariah Smalls and Catherine McCusker-Brown all live in Ordway 10 together and while this is only their second semester living together, they are already great friends.


Mariah is a freshman Criminal Justice major from Boston, Catherine is a freshman Fashion Merchandising major from Watertown,Massachusetts and Cassie is a transfer sophomore from Bennington College as a Legal Studies major. All three girls are in both the Random Acts of Kindness Club and the Campus Activities Board. Cassie and Mariah also are on the Lamp Yearbook, and Catherine is a part of She’s The First and the Fashion Club.


These campus cuties all have a full schedule of six or seven classes, which means with both clubs and classes they are constantly running around campus. With their busy lives, they have their schedules color-coded and posted on the door so every roommate knows where the other one could be. Along with the schedules, they have sticky notes on the door for anyone to post when they’re working, if they’ll be back late, or if they’re headed home for the weekend.

The girls make time to hang out with each other as well, going to dinner together every night and having the occasional Thursday night ‘movie night’. So far, they’ve watched the Lethal Weapon series, Nightmare on Elm Street, Despicable Me, and plenty more. There will definitely be more added to the list with this new semester and the cold winter.


Pictures courtesy of Campus Cuties and Danie Roberts