The Best Spotify Playlists to Study To This Midterm Season

It is just about time to study for those lovely mid-terms. Since being in college, I realized I focus best by playing instrumental music in the background. I must have some background noise, but it cannot words with songs. TV is also distracting, so I went to trusty Spotify to find the best study playlists and have racked up a top ten, in no particular order. These are must save playlists for next time you are heading to the library or just chilling in your dorm to study.

1. Piano in the Background

One of my favorites, if you are looking for piano noise only.

2. Quiet Hours

This one is more of a variety and is great for focusing, but could possibly make you tired too.

3. Chilled Jazz

Perfect for a classical jazz mood.

4. Atmospheric Calm

Like the name says, very calming for when you are stressing out about all your midterms.

5. Chill Lofi Study Beats

This playlist has some great beats to switch it up a little.

6. Deep Focus

This one is one of my favorites for studying or reading. 

7. Instrumental Study

This is also another great one for any assignment you need to focus on. 

8. Nature Sounds

This playlists switches it up a little for instrumental but is still very peaceful.

9. Soft Focus

This one is great for night time studying or reading. 

10. Peaceful Guitar

This a great playlist if the guitar in the background is your vibe.

Hope this list gives you some ideas for the next playlists to save on Spotify. Now time to crush those midterms.