Best Places to Study OFF Campus


There are many awesome aspects to attending a small school; however, sharing the studying space is not one of them. Most of the time, finding a quiet place to study is easy at Lasell, but when midterms and finals hit, all the go-to places are packed. Common rooms, the school library, and group study rooms are usually full during those weeks, and not having a comfortable place to focus can just add more stress. The next best solution is to find a study spot located off-campus.

Studying off-campus can provide a needed change of scenery from the same old desk at the school library. The most obvious off campus study spot is a public library. The Newton Free Library is a mere six minutes away by car. A public library has all of the studying advantages that Lasell’s library has, including; quiet spaces, resources, and knowledgeable staff. An underclassman mentioned, “You automatically feel studious and a slight pressure to do nothing but study when you’re there.” Plus, there isn't the distraction of running into friends that could easily get you off task either.


If finding a ride to the Newton Free Library is troublesome, there are still plenty of other off-campus study options. The Lasell shuttle stops directly in Newton Centre almost every hour depending on the day of the week, so be sure to double-check the shuttle schedule beforehand. Newton Centre basically has a study spot for everyone with the amount of restaurants and coffee shops they have. The top three options for study spots in Newton Centre are Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Peet’s Coffee.

“Besides the great mac and cheese, the atmosphere is very calming,” said a Lasell student who frequents Panera Bread. This upperclassman is right, because at the Newton Centre Panera Bread location, they have a separate section of tables right next to a fireplace that makes for a very cozy study spot.

As for Starbucks, “there is never any pressure to buy something and leave, you can stay as long as you need so you can get your work done,” said another Lasell student. There is always at least one person working on a laptop in Starbucks and why not treat yourself to a nice coffee anyway? Studying deserves quality caffeinated beverages.

Speaking of coffee, the last Newton Centre study spot on the list is Peet’s Coffee. The best part about Peet’s Coffee is the long countertop that runs along the front window, which makes for a perfect study spot that doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Studying with a street view could help the ideas flow and hopefully conquer that homework.

Finally, the last option for off-campus study spots would be Bruegger's Bagels. Located right next to Star Market, Bruegger's Bagels is less than a 10 minute walk away. No car and no shuttle needed for this off campus study spot! Bagels are a perfect study snack, so take advantage of the close proximity and the tasty carbs. As students, we may have many excuses for not studying. However, not having a suitable place on campus to get work done can’t be one of them especially with so many different options.