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45 Things You Can Do Completely Alone

Sometimes you just want to be alone. Maybe you’ve had an overwhelming day or maybe your roommates have all left for the weekend. Regardless of why you're alone, you’re probably wondering what you can do with all your free time. Here are 45 things that you can do completely by yourself.


  1. Read a good book
  2. Try new makeup looks
  3. Pinterest DIYs
  4. Take great selfies
  5. Cook/bake something you’ve always wanted to try
  6. Make a bucket list
  7. Take a class
  8. Take a long drive
  9. Write your own fairytales
  10. Color an actual children’s coloring book
  11. Plan your dream wedding
  12. Go thrift shopping
  13. Take a really long shower
  14. Collect a bunch of items to give away to Goodwill
  15. Volunteer
  16. Take a nap and don’t set an alarm
  17. Go hunt for a new coffee shop
  18. Buy a new Polaroid camera and take pictures of everything
  19. Write a book
  20. Try sewing or knitting
  21. Create a theme on your social media pages
  22. Work on your resume
  23. Take a really long hot shower
  24. Yoga/Meditation
  25. People watch
  26. Online shop
  27. Grow a plant
  28. Go out and interview strangers
  29. Go to the spa
  30. Search for new music
  31. Tackle a fear
  32. Clean out your closet
  33. Build a fort
  34. Write your family a letter
  35. Google yourself
  36. Create new outfits
  37. Go to Sephora and get a makeover
  38. Play with your pet
  39. Find a Pen Pal
  40. Make a bucket list
  41. Take online surveys or quizzes
  42. Write down everything that makes you happy
  43. Go visit pets at your local humane society
  44. Make a beautiful chalk piece
  45. Call a relative

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Elizabeth is a Senior at Lasell College, she is a writer and President for the Lasell Her Campus chapter.
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