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Why You Have to Start Shopping in Bodycare

It’s no secret that we are ‘shoppingly challenged’ in Lancaster. An average shopping trip in town generally consists of a Primark haul, a disappointing browse around Topshop, and a trip to Boots for any toiletries you couldn’t buy in your online food shop or in said Primark haul.

But what if there’s a hidden gem that you’re missing out on – a gem where you could find all of your essentials for a fraction of the cost?

Students, meet Bodycare.

For those who’ve never been, or those who have but walked pretty much straight back out again, here’s my guide to everything that you should be buying in this bargain-hunter’s haven.


Period products

Spending excessive amounts of money on products we literally need every month is frustrating as hell. Bodycare at least eases that pain – metaphorically and literally. At the moment, Always sensitive sanitary towels are priced at £1 for a pack of 10, whilst some less popular brands of tampons and towels are priced even cheaper. As for pain relief (God knows we need it), you can pick up a box of paracetamol for less than 40p. My advice: stock up before the Lancaster winter hits.

Fake tan

Bodycare is home to a huge range of fake tanning products, including popular brands of instant fake tan (I swear by St Moriz), gradual tanning moisturiser (including Garnier’s infamous Summer Body), and tanning mitts. As you queue for the till you’ll also find super cheap bath lillies – perfect for scrubbing off that leftover tan and making way for your new glow.


The best false eyelashes

Now, I was a little reluctant to share my secret to the perfect false eyelashes, but I feel it’s only fair that we Her Campus Lancaster readers receive the absolute best content. Want to be asked on every night out: “are those Tatti or Ardell?” and “do you buy real mink?” – well, these lashes are just that good.

At less than £2 per pair including glue (glue that easily lasts the entire night), these beauties are serious quality and value for money. Get down there before the word gets out.



Let’s be honest, all condoms are not made equal, and we all deserve the best when it comes to sexual health. You can buy smaller or larger packs of a range of Durex condoms and lube in Bodycare for far less than you can expect to pay in the supermarket (or worse, in a last-minute rush in a public toilet). Think ahead, and you can stay safe and save money.


Toning shampoo

This is one for all of the blondies among us. You know that purple shampoo they sell for extortionate prices in Boots? Well, you can choose from a variety of brands of the stuff in Bodycare, all sold at a fraction of the cost. Becuase let’s face it, with that now-perfect golden tan, you’re going to want some icy blonde hair, too.

You can find Bodycare in Lancaster’s Marketgate shopping centre – straight ahead and on the right as you walk out of Primark.

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