A University Guide To House Plants

Short on space and strapped for cash? Indoor plants are the savvy student’s key to a chic, stylish bedroom. From leafy ferns to bold cacti, a houseplant can be the perfect way to spruce up your space and lift your mood during those long revision sessions.If you’re new to houseplants, its best to go for varieties that are low-maintenance: these are plants that thrive in low-light and require little watering. Species of Dracaena, Snake Plant and Cacti are particularly easy to look after (only need watering every 5-10 days) and brighten up any dark corner!

Opting for houseplants that don’t require lots of light also means that you can arrange them more aesthetically. One great place to keep your plants is on a bookshelf surrounded by your favourite reads. Most houseplants need plenty of drainage, which is provided by the plastic pots you can buy them in, and this allows you to get creative with your plant pots! Charity shops are often gold mines for beautiful pots in all shapes and sizes.Houseplants are also super beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Some release oxygen throughout the night, such as the Snakeplant, whilst others, such as Aloe Vera, purify the air, absorb excess moisture, and can be used to treat everything from burns to blemishes.

If you’re a foodie, herbs are an amazing addition to your kitchen windowsill. Basil is particularly easy to maintain and tastes amazing sprinkled fresh on almost anything, but other soft herbs such as mint, parsley and coriander are equally as good.

If the responsibility of caring for a houseplant isn’t up your street, why not try a vase of flowers? Invest in a gorgeous vase, top up with water and the flowers will take care of themselves for up to a couple of weeks!With spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to start brightening up your home, especially at uni!

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