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Save the Children: Open Stage Night

‘Save the Children’ is perhaps a cry you associate with a post-apocalyptic landscape, a civilisation recovering from the ravages of plague. Or maybe it’s the new campaign of a ‘Suburban Mom’, worried about the type of plastic in little Junior’s lunchbox. Either way, something we can all agree upon is that no matter the disaster, children are getting in those life-boats first, so why isn’t that always the case?

In Romania, a shortage of incubators in hospitals means those all-important first moments in a child’s life could very well be their last. On average, one premature baby dies every five hours and one third of these deaths are entirely preventable if only maternity wards were better equipped.

But they could be with your help.

Lancaster University’s Romanian and Moldavian Society are putting together an Open Stage Night to raise money and awareness for this great cause. This means that you can enjoy an evening of music, dancing, and even more, all while saving lives that have barely begun.

Performances will range from seeing the show-stopping winners of Lancaster’s Got Talent to a dash of sophistication from LU Ballroom Dancing Society. Vote for your favourite and be entered into a prize draw for a Pizzetta voucher, because who doesn’t love free food? If you have more of a sweet-tooth then check out the on-going bake sale between acts, or before you head off to Sugar for your night out.

The entry fee is only £1, which is so much more reasonable than those TEXT HELP ads that “vary depending on your network provider.” But if you are feeling generous, you can be sure all the proceeds will be going straight to the children who need it most.

Stop by Pendle Rooms from 7:30-11pm this Wednesday 7th February for a night away from tests and dissertations. Enjoy yourselves so that, someday, they can too.

Make sure you keep an eye on the event page for updates on performances and goodies that are yet to be announced!

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