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A Review of Ruby Tandoh’s Eat Up!

When former Bake Off star Ruby Tandoh announced that she was releasing a new book, I knew I had to buy it. I am a massive fan of the show and loved her as a contestant; so I was very intrigued to read her latest piece of work, described in the media as a breath of fresh air.

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Tandoh writes about ridding the myths of diet culture and learning to fall in love with eating food again. In 2018, we are bombarded with what we should and should not be consuming. The messages are often contradictory and so the aim of the book is to take everything back to basics, to think about the pleasures of cooking and the social joy it can bring. The toll it can take on your mental health to strive for unrealistic ideals just isn’t worth it.

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I particularly enjoyed the book because it is definitely a very unique release compared to many of the cookery or health inspired books. Much of what is on the shelves is about how to eat ‘clean’ (something which Tandoh criticises), written by celebrities who portray the perfect kind of lifestyle that doesn’t actually exist.

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The food writer shows an inspiring sense of optimism, offering advice alongside easy-to-follow recipes, accessible to all.

It is available now, in stores and online, for around £8. If you want to read more of her work, Tandoh is a columnist for The Guardian.

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Helen Jordan

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Helen is a third year English Language student and will graduate in 2019. Her favourite topics to write about include cooking and tips for uni life. This is Helen's second year writing for Her Campus and she is looking forward to her role as Chapter Correspondent for Lancaster in the 2018/2019 academic year.
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