The Nation's Favourite Christmas Adverts For 2014

We are well and trulinto the festive season and what better way to remind us than the high street stores and supermarkets airing their creative Christmas adverts for 2014, which are guaranteed to get us into that jolly holiday spirit!

1.John Lewis

With the John Lewis advert having over 16 million views and the Sainsbury’s advert with over 10 million views on Youtube, it’s safe to say that these are some of the nation’s favourite Christmas ads for 2014.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is something that makes me smile every year (my favourite being the 2011 advert). Heart-warming little stories teamed with music covers that will have you singing for weeks, these adverts are always a hit with the public. This year we meet Monty the penguin, who just wants somebody to love in the winter months and thankfully, this wish comes true thanks to Monty’s best bud – don’t we all just wish that we could have been the one with a best friend like Monty!

In the background plays “Real Love”, a cover by the incredibly talented Tom Odell, that is also proving a hit on the charts. This advert will melt your heart and might even make you shed a tear or two due to childhood nostalgia. You can watch it here:



Onto the second most loved Christmas advert of the year. The Sainsbury’s advert looks back on Christmas Day 1914 where the two opposing armies came together for a day of sharing stories, food and keepsakes along with a good-natured game of football. The advert is particularly touching as this year marks 100 years since the First World War and it keeps the purpose of Remembrance Day alive that bit longer- to remember the fallen soldiers and events that occurred in our countries past.


Unlike the John Lewis advert, it’s could be seen as personally moving, as this coming together is an event that is believed to have happened which can teach us that even when it may seem like the world is falling apart, a bit of kindness and humanity can touch our hearts and make the world seem that bit better. It also reminds us of the hardships they suffered, making us grateful for all we have now which I think is an important message, especially around this time of year. You can view this advert here:


The emergence of these adverts in the past few weeks means that Christmas is approaching fast and if the ads are anything to go by, this year is going to be a good one!