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Make a Smile: An Introduction to the Organisation

Every child needs to have a childhood worth remembering. One that is filled with happiness, positivity, and fun. On 22nd June, 2017, Luke Morgan and his friends set out to bring just that for those children who required it the most.

This organization grew massively in the span of a year, welcoming over 200 volunteers to see over 3000 children over 1000 hours of volunteering and is still growing. Like Luke, many others believed that no disabled, ill or disadvantaged child should have a different life than the others.

What do they do?

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The volunteers make every child’s dream of meeting their role model come true. They bring Disneyland, Marvel Studios - you name it - to them, by dressing up as their favourite characters and visiting children in hospitals, disabled children and refugees.

Every visit is customised to the best of their ability and the team is open to additional options of interactions. They are involved in chats, sing-alongs, arts and crafts, book reading and more.

The best part - it’s a completely free service! There is nothing better than your efforts being paid by a child’s rejuvenated smile. It works like every other charitable organisation: to keep it free and accessible to those in need, they rely on donations. All the proceeds go toward acquiring new costumes, maintaining and repairing costumes, travel and training. Rest assured, the children are put first always.

Recently, Make A Smile has founded their own society in our very own Lancaster University campus, hoping to stretch their arms towards more children who need them. If you would like to join them, you can drop a message to the society’s Instagram page here or check out their website.

Make a smile, make a difference.


Second Year English Language and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University.
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