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Sipping on an oat-milk cappuccino in Lancaster’s recently opened vegan cafe and bar, The Herbarium, I discussed my dissertation project with my friend. It’s surprising how speaking with others, particularly those dear to you, inspires you and impacts your thoughts. If I hadn’t have been with her, I’d have been scribbling things down in a notebook.

This January has been really special so far, and with the second academic term having begun, we are all feeling very reflective at Her Campus Lancaster. Many a time already, I’ve taken out my notebook and penned a blog post, or even just a few thoughts and feelings down in a journal. 

This January, we urge you to not let the blues get you down. Keep yourself in tip-top form health-wise, and try to love yourself constantly. Do things to make yourself happy, and cut out toxic things and people who may be bringing you down, mentally and emotionally.

Writing things out in a journal is a great way to keep track of your feelings, but even if you prefer not to re-read your thoughts, it can ease you and bring calm. I would suggest not spending too long doing this every day, or else you may get too deep into your feelings and miss out on things or not get all your university work done, but set out even ten minutes in the morning to write out how you feel. Often, people do gratitude journals, writing about what they’re thankful for and this is one example of how to write things out in a positive manner, rather then getting muddled up in deep words and thoughts.

Try it for yourself, a little self-care and self-assessment goes a long way,

Anna Mather

Lancaster '19

Anna is a final year student of French & Linguistics at Lancaster University and will graduate in 2019. She is one of Lancaster's Chapter Correspondents. Her favourite topics to write about are fashion, style and interior design ideas. She loves to share photos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ku_layrosas/ She also runs Kulayrosas, her own fashion, faith and lifestyle blog: https://kulayrosas.com/
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