How To: Personalise Your University Room

Being a fresher, it can be tough to move away from your family, friends and home comforts. So I decided to make my university room as homely as possible in order to try and keep that homesickness in check! Here are some things I did in order to add my personal touch to the somewhat bare room:


Bunting is the must have room decoration for any room, whether it is a student room or just any room in your house back home!  However, try and stick to the colour theme of your room, otherwise it could look a little bit too much. These can be found in any home store, craft shop or even a trusty supermarket, such as Sainsburys which is where I found this floral, wooden heart bunting. Tip: use white tac to stick bunting onto your shelves, as this won’t stain or take the paint off the furniture.

Postcards and photographs:

I’m a big fan of scouring the postcards in my local Paperchase shop, which has certainly come in handy whilst decorating the empty room, as it’s a cheap and easy way of covering up those depressing cream walls. If postcards don’t take your fancy, then be sure to print off some photographs. Nothing brings your room more to life than some well treasured photographs of your family and friends from back home! If you decide to do this, make sure to stock up on push-pins or white tack as you’re going to need a lot of them. Head over to Wilkinsons for quite cheap and they come in a handy little tin which could be re-used to keep bits and pieces in such as hair bobbles.


Ok, sure, bedding is an essential for university. But getting a couple of duvet covers that you really like can brighten up your room especially a student room, with the four plain blank walls that we are faced with. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on pretty duvet covers, this one only cost around £8-£9, so go ahead do some googling!

Personal Touches:

Finally, I brought little knick-knacks from home just to add personal touches to my university room. Even though they’re only small, they make it more homely and less bare.These little additions vary from person to person which makes it a more of a personal space, instead of looking identical to your next door neighbour’s room.

Those are just a few of my favourite things that I have brought with me to personalise my university room, hope you enjoyed the little insight into my room decoration.

Alice Rose