Girls: Season 5

Whenever anybody asks me to recommend them a TV show that isn’t about murder, I automatically say ‘Girls.’ Followed by a reluctant, ‘it’s kind of sort of not really like Sex and the City. It’s also about four girls living in New York, but real.’

The show deals with issues such as sex, abortion, politics, STD’s, mental illness and drug addiction, to name a few. Real things that mean it isn’t always funny, but the lack of canned laughter is certainly refreshing.

Creator, writer, producer and leading role, Lena Dunham, has managed to create a set of believable best friends, something not easy to do on TV. Not only do the friendships seem real, Dunham has succeeded in creating four of the most simultaneously insufferable and loveable characters. Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa certainly have real problems and they love to talk about them and themselves.  Dunham has no issue tackling difficult subjects and there is no hiding the bad habits of the characters, particularly their self-involved attitudes. However, laying this out in the open leads to the uncomfortable realization of just how similar we might be to these characters, warts and all.

With season 5 of ‘Girls’ being released in the US soon, naturally I decided to binge watch seasons 1-4. I was surprised by how much I had forgotten, how much I hadn’t noticed the first time, and reminded how much I love it. Here are some moments you might have forgotten and need reminding of from ‘Girls’…


1. When the girls at work kindly drew Hannah’s eyebrows on for her, earning her the title of a ‘Mexican teenager’. 

2. Shoshanna’s inspirational quotes:

"Stay out of my emotional way!”

3. Hannah’s weird, amazing sleeping bag, onsie, thing.

“You’re just a sad, limp, little glow worm.”

4. When Hannah and Elijah did cocaine ‘for work.’  Enough said.

5. The Q-tip incident incident.

The stress of writing her e-book gets too much for Hannah, resulting in two trips to hospital and two burst eardrums.

6. When Adam came through for Hannah in a big way.

If you didn’t already love Adam then you certainly did here…

7. And then when Adam said this and everyone melted, because in a weird Adam-way this is super romantic.

8. The dance routine at Marnie’s perfect Hamptons trip.

9. The iconic 3D lizard t shirt:

10. The fact Jessa always has something vaguely relatable to say…

11. Laird and Caroline…the weirdest and also most perfect couple.

12. The season finale which broke the hearts of Adam and Hannah lovers everywhere.