German Doner Kebab: A Review

When you see or hear the word ‘kebab’, your immediate thoughts may be that they are incredibly greasy and tend to be craved by those post pub or night out. However, German Doner Kebab has created a new spin on the kebab, proving that the Doner Kebab is not solely for the night time economy!

Established in Berlin in 1989, it has since opened over 50 stores throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Proving to be so successful along with the reputation of creating ‘gourmet’ doner kebabs, I recently visited the fast food restaurant to see whether it really did live up to its hype.

Immediately, I was enticed by its design. From the outside, it looks trendy and modern with glass windows and a smart logo, where the inside is no different. It has gold lighting hanging from the ceiling, which adds to the warmth and welcoming feel the restaurant gives.

Image from See Dundee

I placed my order at the counter after much thought, due to the variety of wraps, burgers, and salad boxed to choose from. I opted for the Doner Box with fries and salad. Unique to the fast food restaurant is the fact that you can see the chefs preparing the meal.

When my meal arrived, I was very much surprised by how healthy it looked. Packed with plenty of fresh ingredients, good quality meat and their signature sauce, I felt it was a much better and healthier option than traditional kebabs. To add to this, the service was superb accompanied with polite and friendly staff. The best part is the great food matches the great price- only costing me £5 for both a meal and drink.Image from German Doner Kebab

Can a healthy kebab exist? In my opinion, yes it can, which contrasts the opinion I had prior to visiting the fast food restaurant.

If you are looking for somewhere new to try, I strongly recommend German Doner Kebab. With special offers on most of the time and a healthier option to the traditional kebab, it’s a must visit!