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The Food Blog: 4 Healthy Carb Alternatives

Let’s face it. Whichever diet or healthy lifestyle you’re trying to follow will eventually resort to you craving carbs. Cake, biscuits, a big bowl of pasta… who doesn’t? If you’re ever thinking about dropping the carbs, think again. Not only is it harmful for your body, but it will also alter your mood.

Do carbs feel guilty when eating carbs? You won’t any longer. Here are 4 healthy carb alternatives that will change your life. Like seriously. I’m not exaggerating here!

Be Brown

Check your cupboard. How many white carbs can you spot? White bread, white rice…the possibilities are endless. White carbs are usually more difficult to digest, therefore it’s harder for our bodies to break them down and use them, meaning that those type of carbs will cling to your thigh and tummy area more than you’d wish. Brown (whole wheat or multi grain) bread is a great alternative to white bread, without needing to eliminate it from your diet. The same goes for brown rice: it has a “wilder” taste and can be eaten in so many different ways, just like white rice. The difference? Your body will feel and look different in no time. Adding brown rice to your shopping list right now? Thought so.


Honey, Honey

Sugar in coffee, in milk, on warm buttered toast…yes, it’s delicious, but are your teeth and glutes happy about it too? I don’t think so. Honey is such a perfect alternative. A small tablespoon in your latte, a light spread on your toast….it’s healthy, it’s yummy and it only has one ingredient, made by bees. How can you not love this stuff?


For the Pasta People

Yes, pasta is the yummiest thing there is and nothing says comfort food or cosy night in like Mac&Cheese. But wait, how about trying out quinoa? A whole grain carb, scrumptious and filling and definitely hits the spot. Try it with pesto sauce, fresh spinach and baby plum tomatoes: it tastes exactly like pasta and you can have as much of it as you want! Who said you needed to limit your pasta intake?


Sweet as Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are super easy to use and you can pretty much use them to make anything with. Sweeter than normal potatoes, they can be mashed, chopped, boiled, fried or turned into soup. Sweet tooth? Smear a sweet potato with peanut butter, honey and nuts: it’s heaven in your mouth. Try it with jam, or other spreads, and you’ve got your snack sorted for the week. Oh, and let’s not forget sweet potato fries: it’s like munching a McDonalds, but without the dreaded calories. What else does a girl need?

Mother tongue English, fully Italian. Born in Tokyo, lived in Hong Kong, grew up in Milan and currently studying at Lancaster University, UK. Multi lingual, I love to read, write, sing, cook and lead a healthy lifestyle. Her Campus Lancaster Editor in Chief as of April 2014!
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