Edit: What We're Loving This Week- 3

Christmas Dinner 

Your Instagram feed is bound to be full of students enjoying their Christmas meals with their housemates. Whether you make it yourself, or decide Spoon's is a better option, what better way to celebrate the final week of term than to indulge in Christmas food?

Image from Flickr/Merete Veian

Handing in essays 

Image from Office for Students 

There's nothing better than handing in an assignment you've worked really hard to complete. The relief!

End of term activities 

Image from The Borough Lancaster 

Whether it's ice-skating at Dalton Square, cocktails at Grizedale bar or having a movie night, we love taking time to relax and reflect on the past ten weeks.

Yankee Candles 

Image from Amazon UK

Festive cheer is imminent with the smell of a Yankee candle wafting through your bedroom. Hints of gingerbread and cinnamon, you can't go wrong.

Seeing our families (and pets!)

Spending time with your loved ones over Christmas is what it's all about. You might not have seen your family since term began, and there's something seriously comforting about returning home for the holidays. Let's also not forget about being reunited with our beloved pets!

Image from Pets4Homes