Campus Cutie: Fraser Murray

Name: Fraser Murray

Age: 20 

Hometown: Leeds 

College: Lonsdale 

Degree: English Language and Linguistics 

Year: 3rd 

Relationship status: single (and ready to mingle)


So you're this weeks campus cutie. Thoughts? 

Overwhelmed. Another thing off the bucket list. 

Last year at Uni then. What will you miss most when you leave? 

Pool tables. They’re everywhere. I’ll miss them. 

What about societies? Are you in any? 

I write for HerCampus, I play Futsal, and I’m the president of the Triathlon Club.

It’s Campus Cutie, not Campus Celebrity mate.


So… if you manage to find any spare time what do you do with yourself? Besides sleeping. 

Besides sleeping, swimming, cycling and running; I’m usually playing a game of pool or drinking with my pals. 

Have you earned any nicknames? 

Erm, no. Not really. I guess a lot of people call me Fraz. 

If I asked a friend to describe you in three words, what do you reckon they’d say? 

Handsome, hilarious, rich, and a liar. 

Very funny, but that’s four words. 

Yeah… I’ve got no idea. Hopefully nothing bad. 

So relationships… 

What do you look for in a girl? 

Good sense of humour and similar travelling ambitions as myself. 


So you’re single right now. Ever tried chat up lines? 

I don’t like them. Maybe “Do you have any raisins? How about a date then?”

*Stunned silence* 

Erm. Right. How about a celebrity crush? 

Zoe Sugg!!! (Zoella) or Jessica Alba. 

What’s your best feature then? 

I like my hair, but I’m not sure it’s my best feature. I guess my sense of humour?

And a perfect date would consist of…

Something different and spontaneous. Like, ice skating, or even just wandering around town listening to each other’s music or something.

Any turn offs? 

Definitely arrogance.

Moving on now…

Three people at a dinner party. One dead, one alive, and one fictional. Who would you want? 

Bob Marley. Chris Pratt. Tony Stark. 

What superpower would you have? 

Hmmm. Can’t decide but it’s between mind reading and teleportation. 

So you can be any fictional character for a day. Who are you gonna be? 

Tony Stark. Hands down. 

What are you never seen without? 


Some quickfire questions now: 

Favourite film?

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, at the moment. 


Leonardo di Caprio or Mr Ben Brown. He’s on YouTube. 


Difficult. Paolo Nutini, at the moment. 


From Here to Now to You by Jack Johnson. 


LA calling by Crystal Fighters orrrr 505-Arctic Monkeys 

Thing to read? 


TV programme? 

Game of Thrones 


Any dessert. Chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. 


Orca and polar bear. 

Finally, dream job?

Being paid to travel the world. Either writing for a magazine like National Geographic or GQ or something.