Campus Celebrity: Neha Taneja

This weeks campus celebrity talks about her love for yoga and its amazing benefits. A definite must whilst at university!

Name: Neha Taneja

Age: 21

College: County

Course of study: BSC Psychology


Hobbies: Art, Dance, Photography, Fitness, Cooking, Travelling

What is your position on the yoga exec? General Secretary

What is your role as general secretary? My role involves solving any minor concerns raised, organising socials and payments for membership and classes on a Monday. I also help the president and vice president with any issues so that classes and socials run smoothly throughout the year.



How long have you been practising yoga? I have been doing Yoga since I was in the tenth grade.

What do you do as a yoga society? As a yoga society, we promote mental as well as physical health. University can be a very stressful place so as a society we provide a stress free and relaxing atmosphere in the classes. Irrespective of whether you have experience with yoga or not, all abilities are welcome. We also hire experienced teachers who run the classes.



What are the benefits of yoga? Yoga provides us with a balance. It is not a place/class where you will get rid of all your problems and stress, but It is a practice from which you learn to balance your life. The mindfulness and calm that the classes can bring to an individual, changes their outlook and perception on their problems. Not only does it help your inner mental state but it also provides physical benefits.

Give 5 reasons why someone should try yoga:

  • It calms you down (trust me! I am the most stressful person you will come across and it works wonders.)
  • It gives you time to self-reflect
  • It improves mental and physical health
  • You get to listen and meditate to beautiful music
  • A chance to meet new people through our socials! 

If uni work is piling up and you just want to feel relaxed and have a renewed sense of energy then definitely try yoga, it can bring so many benefits to your life in really simple ways!