Campus Celebrity: Elle Gilligan

Name: Elle Gilligan

Age: 24

Former college: Lonsdale

Course of study: Fine Art and Theatre Studies

Hobbies: Galleries, Rock Climbing, Bass Race

Position: Grizedale College Bar Manager

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Roles and responsibilities: Manager involves training the staff, rotas, ordering, stock control, budgeting, Menu design.

How long have you been involved in this role: Two and a half years

What is your favourite part about the job: Making new cocktail recipes that people really enjoy drinking

What is your favourite memory about the job: Winning a cocktail competition against other university bartenders at Warwick University in April.(image from Why should people come to Grizedale bar: They should come to our bar because we offer something different to all of the other campus bars and you can get beautifully made cocktails without having to go into town. We do £6.95 2 for 1 cocktails all day every day too!