Boredom-Busting Activities

Despite that never-ending workload, it is really is to be bored at university. No matter the amount of free time you have, try to do something stimulating that will get you out of the boredom rut. We have a few suggestions for you...


Often, just getting out of the house will make you feel productive. But by purposefully going walking, whether alone or with friends, you're exercising too and will stimulate your brain. You'll feel refreshed and ready to smash through the rest of your studying when you get back home.


There's so much on at the cinema at the moment! Make the most of Vue Lancaster's £5 ticket, and get watching all of the latest films. Don't be afraid to go by yourself either - sometimes it's nice to have time to yourself enjoying a film, rather than whispering about gorgeous actors for an hour and a half with your friend!

Girls' Night

Whether you opt for a girls' night in, or a girls' night out, getting together with your friends gets you right out of any slump, and will bring some joy to your week. Whatever you get up to together, you're likely to make memories that will last forever!


Get arty! Whether you're the next Monet, or even more abstract than Picasso, a spot of painting will release your creativity, and help you to take your mind of other things. It is surprisingly therapeutic and should not be overlooked as a boredom-busting activity.


Get lost in a book! Immerse yourself in a good fiction novel, and take yourself away with the fairies. Complete it with a hot drink, and get cosy!

Plan a trip

Choose your travel partner and plan a trip! Whether you book a holiday abroad, or just plan out a route for a long drive, get that excitement and buzz for travelling flowing through you.