Beauty and the Beast Review

Anyone who knows me will know I was counting down the days till this film came. The original Disney classic is my all time favourite Disney film (I know big claim right?) and I was so nervously excited to see how the real life version compared to the original.

First off casting.

I love Emma Watson so much and once you get over the initial weirdness of seeing Hermione Granger singing, she makes a really good, strong, modern Belle. I personally think she was a bit too autotuned but I can overlook that.

(image from indiewire)

The beast was played by Dan Stevens and whilst he is attractive… he was weirdly more attractive as the Beast!

(image from digitalspyuk)

However my favourite casting was actually Luke Evans as Gaston, yes he wasn’t crazy crazy muscular, but I think he acted out the personality of Gaston perfectly- like look at that smile!

(image from nerdist)

Now on to the bits I loved…

The new songs they added are beautiful, if you haven’t listened to Evermore go and listen because it sounds like Disney and Les Mis had a baby!

I also really loved how gorgeous the library was; how detailed the scenery was and just how cleverly they made the film believable and modern. 

(image from thetelegraph)

And of course this scene made me cry like a baby!

(image from denofgeek)

Overall it was a beautiful film and I cried several times. I think it’s important when seeing these “real-life” Disney films to not scrutinise them too much and compare them scene by scene to the original because, let’s be honest some things work better in animation than they do in reality. But I 100% recommend this and if you haven’t already been to see it go go go!