7 Top Tips For Your Next Solo Road Trip

We all know the road trip; the staple of every teen American horror flick, Sex Drive, Are We There Yet?… the list is endless. There’s something about being stuck in a confined space with the same group of people that just makes for good entertainment. But, what happens when you don’t have someone to change CDs, to go and pay for the petrol or make their arm a wave out of the car window? Here’s a list of top tips for the next road trip you take solo!

1. Checks

Before setting off on your little pilgrimage do some prep! You don’t want to broken down on your own so fill up on petrol, check your tyres and plan your route! Even if it’s just for piece of mind!

2. Bring water!

Dry spot on the motorway? No-one is there to slap your back or get you some Pepsi they forgot they had in their bag, so don’t forget a bottle of water in your cup holder or side panel in case!

3. Set your playlist

Now if, like myself, you’re a bit of a poor kid and have an older car that either isn’t electric or doesn't have an Aux cord- fear not! Just ‘go retro’ and bring your favourite CD’s! To avoid hearing the same CD on repeat and drive you crazy, remember to change CD’s over when you stop at services, saves the hastle of trying to pick a CD and stay in lane while driving!

If you’re not in this category, then get your Spotify sorted! Pick a playlist and get it downloaded to save data- Anything nostalgic is good, 90’s hip hop, Disney songs, 00’s pop punk.. take your pick. If you’re driving at night I would DEFINITELY recommend you give Timecop1983 a try, you’ll feel like you just dissolved into a postmodern noir action film.

4. Stop off!

This one’s a biggie for me. Even if you don’t need a wee, make sure you take a stop mid-drive to take it in! You’ll be somewhere you’ve never been before! You’ll need to stretch your legs anyway so why not take a minute, even if you’re at the services, to look around.

5. Take the scenic route

No good road trip is spent mainly on motorways! Get off the beaten track and take the scenic route; see the cute little farm houses, the animals, the hand-painted signs for the café ½ mile down the road and you’ll enjoy it a lot more!

6. Touch Base

People will be worrying so make sure to check in with loved ones to let them know how you’re doing!

7. Do it!

Last but not least- actually do it, and driving to the shop on your own doesn’t count! After trying my first actual solitary road trip recently, I have to say it’s a must-try! It doesn’t seem like much but there’s something awesome about it that you don’t get with a car full of people. It’s just you, surrounded by little extensions of yourself, your little car, your tunes, your thoughts, driving through an awesome new place. You’ll find yourself feeling more connected with yourself!

Besides you get toilet breaks when you want them, no fall outs over music choice and you can fart in the car without anyone shouting at you! 

(All images from Giphy.com)