5 Tips for Choosing Your 2nd Year House

We all know how daunting it can be looking for a house - it feels so adultlike! But never fear, these top tips will make sure you find the perfect place.

  1. 1. Don't just go with the first house you see

    It may be tempting, but it’s a bad idea. To make sure you get the right house for you, it is so important to view a few options. Take into account all of the things you want from your future house and consider what a range of houses provide – then weigh up your options!

  2. 2. Look past the mess

    Sometimes student houses can be messy and not in the best state. Try and look past this and envision what you could do with the place (remember: fairy lights make everything look better!)

  3. 3. Consider different rental companies and make sure they're reputable

    Having a good landlord makes everyone’s life a lot easier. Make sure you research the company you are renting from and ensure they have your best interests at heart. If you’re a student at Lancaster, all reputable landlords are university approved.

  4. 4. Make sure you trust the people you're living with

    The group in your house will either make or break your second year. Workload gets bigger, stress increases…so it’s even more important that you get on with your housemates.

  5. 5. Consider the price per week and contract length

    This is so important! Sometimes houses are advertised at a price per week that seems much lower than what you were paying last year. When this is the case: do not impulse buy! Different houses come with different contract lengths and so you could end up paying much more than you realised.