5 Healthy Study Snacks

How’s that New Year’s resolution going? Have you said that you’re going to be both productive and healthy for the third time running? Yep me too, and January deadlines are piling up, so packets of crisps and convenience food are looking all the more tempting for those long hauls in the library. But I’m here to tell you that slithers of potatoes saturated in oil aren’t the only way to satisfy that midnight crunch craving (or the post-breakfast one).

(Tip: if you are using salt on any of your snacks, a healthier option is to go for Pink Himalayan because of the extra minerals. And who doesn’t want a condiment that looks like it belongs in your craft drawer?)

1. Crisp Alternatives

Because crisps are an all-round favourite, number 1 on this list had to be a way to make your own, replacing the humble potato with apples for those who prefer something sweet, kale if you’re into keeping it green and carrots because who doesn’t have them leftover in the fridge?

2. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are satisfyingly crunchy in texture (or chewy after a day or two) and give you a boost of protein and iron. Chickpeas can be combined with your favourite spices and seasonings, so have fun with your new creations!

3. Popcorn

Popcorn doesn’t have to be reserved for the cinema or movie nights, it can in fact be a great study snack. Not because we’ll all be watching your mental breakdown over you revision notes like the latest episode of EastEnders, but because it’s cheap, quick to make and good for you. There’s so much room for variation so try out different flavours, there’s no need to douse it with butter like it’s the elixir of life. So try something new whether you like sweet, salty or even spicy.

4. Frozen Blueberries with yoghurt

Perfect for all those times you go to open the fridge and walk away without eating anything. A handful of these from your freezer will satisfy that ice-cream craving to make yourself feel better when you get stuck half-way through your essay. If you like frozen, then be sure to try frozen grapes too (no need for yoghurt) as an alternative.

5. Granola Bars

For when that morning class you didn’t pick makes you skip breakfast. Or just keep one in your bag for those times you get hungry before it’s an acceptable time to eat lunch. Making your own bars means you’ll never have to mistake raisins for chocolate chips again – and although your New Year’s resolution might be to be healthy, we all need to treat ourselves occasionally in these trying times.

Have a great year and good luck!