You've Lost Your Keys and Fob, Now What?

There are two essentials every college student needs on a daily basis: their school ID and dorm keys. Recently, I lost one of these prized possessions. Well, rather, I forgot I left my keys in the bathroom before I went to bed on Monday night. Tuesday morning, I woke up late and entered full panic mode when my keys were nowhere to be found I scavenged around my room, dumped out the contents of my backpack multiple times, and frantically ran into the bathroom in hopes that I had left them on the sink. My keys were nowhere and I was late for class. I ran out of the dorm realizing as the door shut behind me that I was officially reliant on another person’s kindness if I ever wanted to be in my room again. The turmoil of lost keys has many stages and luckily I found ways to make it through them all. Here’s what I wish I knew to expect:


Stage One:

Pure panic. At this point, you try to retrace what you were doing and look through every pile of clothes. It is probably best to not panic, but let’s be honest, you will freak out. 


Stage Two: 

Tell everyone. You will alert your family that lives hundreds of miles away to your dilemma. You can also send frantic messages to every GroupMe chat you are in which will turn out to be no help as well. Stage two is utterly unhelpful in actually solving any problems, but at least you’ve got yourself some sympathy and support. 


Stage Three: 

Acceptance. After tearing through your room at least three times, you can come to accept that your lost keys are indeed stolen. You begin creating conspiracy theories about who would intentionally steal your keys out of spite. This is also the stage where you can call mom crying as you realize you may never find the keys again. At last, you’ve come to terms with the life of waiting for others to let you in the dorm. 


Stage Four:

Reporting. Your mom will then send you the Public Saftey guideline to lost keys. You will have to report them lost. Yet, you may avoid taking action in replacing them because you do not want to pay the $25 for a new fob and key. 


Stage Five: 

Reconciliation. You will find your keys in the most random place. I found mine hidden behind bathroom supplies. You will also realize that someone indeed stole your fob. 


Stage Six: 

Closure. You will have to make the treacherous walk down the hill to Public Safety. To get a free fob, you must report the fob stolen. This includes paperwork and giving a statement to an officer. 


Stage Seven: 

Reflection. This experience will make you realize you should probably have your school keys and home keys on two separate lanyards. 


Luckily, I was finally able to find my keys. Unfortunately, someone did steal my fob and I have not gotten an update on its whereabouts. While you think the case of the lost keys may never happen to you, you can never be so certain. I hope these stages will comfort you the day that your keys are no longer in your backpack.