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When at the beach growing up a lot of kids are used to their mother finding them while playing in the sand, and slathering their bodies with sunscreen. While this was amazing of our parents to do, suncare is important even when it is not the Summer, but all year round. There are a few important things to remember when thinking about wearing SPF:

  • The UV rating can be super high even when it is cloudy, so if you choose not to wear sunscreen, check to be sure the UV rating is 3 or lower.

  • Snow reflects UV even more than land and sea, so even more reason to be wearing SPF during the Winter months!

  • UV rays are stronger when you’re in the airplane so wear sunscreen before you get on the plane!

  • Sun damage can cause discoloration, sun spots, wrinkles and potentially skin cancer.

  • You do not need to be using SPF 70; SPF 15 or 30 will be enough!

  • Reapply! Sunscreen can rub off with sweat, or water.

  • Make sure your sunscreen has Zinc and Titanium dioxide. These are the most important ingredients in sunscreen.

  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure, not when it looks like you are about to burn.

  • You will still tan with sunscreen, so wanting colour is not an excuse to go outside without SPF!!


Whatever brand, amount, or number SPF you choose to use, be careful and kind to your skin, because how you treat it will show. If you do not like sunscreen, I recommend wearing a hat, or spending less time in the sun, and avoiding the sun at its strongest between 11 and 2.


Krystyna Keller

Lafayette '21

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