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A lot of times on college campuses, organized religions are shunned. People’s association with religion is often a feeling of being unwelcome, uncomfortable or just plain bored when they attend their parents’ services. Religion ultimately doesn’t feel like an important academic pursuit. It can feel exclusive, cold, and altogether unappealing, when there are so many other ways to spend our time. 

This doesn’t have to be the truth! Every person, regardless of what they call themselves, has some connection to religion. Even if it isn’t organized, one definition of religion is just what gives your life purpose, what makes it meaningful, what gives you a community. It could be science, music, family or something with a more traditional name. The point is, it is something that is your identity, the thing that makes you you. A stigma that stops you from being your true and full self doesn’t have to stick; there are ways you can talk about what makes you whole and connected.

We can start unpacking our beliefs, practices, the things we liked and disliked about our childhoods, what gives us passion and hope when we need it most and what will inform our lives now and going forward. There is an opportunity to start connecting in new and revolutionary ways, getting to really know each other.
I want to know the story of every person on this campus and beyond, and religion is a beautiful, inclusive, and interdisciplinary way to find that out and see it for all it has to offer. If you’re curious to know more, please listen to my podcast Colton Corner on Spotify and start having real conversations with everyone in your community and life about what makes them tick.

Lisa Green

Lafayette '24

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a freshman at Lafayette. I'm interested in theater, politics, cooking and more!
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