Tik Tok Trends You NEED To Try

If you’re like me, you tried to avoid TikTok because it seemed like it only consisted of 13-year-olds dancing to “trendy” songs. However, after giving in and spending a few hours flipping through my “For You Page” and then another few hours the next day, I was hooked. Here are some recent trends I have enjoyed watching.


Trend #1: Break My Stride 

If you haven’t seen this trend yet, do you even have the Tik Tok app? This trend is based on the song “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder. This trend involves texting or snap chatting a friend, significant other or parent the lyrics from this song. The person starts with the lyrics “I sailed away to China” and continues. The reactions are either hilarious or adorable. 


Watch this video of a guy trying it out with a girl he met at a bar:



Trend #2: What I Thought vs Reality

. This trend is about the humorous contrast between what someone thought something would look like or what they expected of something versus the harsh reality. It’s usually paired with a song that changes from melodic to off-key when reality is shown.


Watch this relatable college version:



Trend #3: Mrs. Officer 

In this trend, the song “Mrs. Officer” by Lil Wayne is used for awkward or bad situations that have happened to people. The people involved in the situation are frozen in the time when they realize they messed up or something went wrong. The TikTok goes back and forth between the people involved and sometimes it even involves pets. I love these because so many of them are relatable or just hilarious. 


Watch this adorable dog’s version:



Trend #4: Sausage

I particularly love this trend due to the fact that it is based on a Vine (RIP). On TikTok, people have started to use characters from popular movies or shows to represent the people’s lines in the sausage song. 


Watch this one with Phineas and Ferb characters:



Trend #5: Egg Challenge

This challenge involves drawing faces or characters on eggs and having them “battle”. TikTokers take 2 eggs and smash them against each other. Only one of the eggs crack each time and people have gone crazy over this. They have created brackets to have the eggs face off and eventually have a winning egg at the end. 


Watch this video: 



Trend #6: The Difference 

 This trend is all about showing contrasts. It shows extreme differences between a group of people versus another group of people, or oneself at a younger age versus their present self. 


Watch this hilarious college version:



Trend #7: Bubble Challenge

If you haven't heard of this challenge, you’re not the only one. However, after I discovered a video on my “For You Page”, and tried the challenge, I was definitely not disappointed. This one is hard to explain, so just watch the video then give it a try. 


Watch this video:



These are not all of the trends on the app, but these are my personal favorites at the moment. Hopefully, you laughed at some of the videos. Now go watch more TikToks until you realize you’ve spent hours scrolling through them. Even better, try one of these and post it! You may end up on the “For You Page”.