Ten Steps For Confidence, Body Positivity, and Self Appreciation

In a world that is always telling you to change--to be thinner, prettier, more accomplished, and anything but just yourself, true self-confidence is essential and extremely difficult to attain. I’ve struggled with body image insecurities for as long as I can remember. Still, over quarantine, I’ve started to truly heal that relationship, and I wanted to share ten tips that have helped tremendously.


  1. Only put your energy into things about which you are truly passionate. This may sound like common sense, but there are so many activities, meetings, and gatherings we attend out of sheer obligation. Checking in and asking if every activity you are involved in is something that really makes you happy can transform how you think about your days and weeks. 

  2. Listen to your body and eat intuitively. Again, it sounds simple enough, but because there is so much societal shame around food, this doesn't always feel second nature. Using the Hunger Scale and eating mindfully without judgment has helped me accept my body so much. In addition, honoring your cravings without judgment is simple yet transformative. 

  3. Exercise because you want to and how you want to. If you are only exercising to burn the most calories, you will probably grow to dread it pretty quickly. Explore different activities and find exercises that give you energy, bring you joy, and leave you feeling better and happier, without worrying about the calories as much.

  4. Ditch the scale. Feeling healthy matters more than anything that could bring you down! 

  5. Surround yourself with uplifting, supportive people when possible. Ensure the people in your life support your goals, make you feel better every time you spend with them, and contribute only to positive feelings about yourself. 

  6. If there are people you have to see who say or do things that make you feel anxious or less confident, you can take power away from those interactions by having affirmations. For example, if someone insults you or makes petty digs, you can remind yourself of all of the reasons whatever they said isn’t true. If those thoughts or worries keep creeping up, continuously repeating those affirmations will make you feel more confident over time.

  7. Get out in the sunlight, if only for little bits of time, every day. I have always underestimated the power of this--it can uplift you and your mood by a measure of one thousand! 

  8. Always find things to look forward to. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but if you have one little thing, you can make it through the day with a smile. 

  9. Be kind to yourself, and when you make mistakes, don’t harp on them. You are always your own worst critic, and I promise, no one is judging you for normal human error, even if it feels that way. 

Be proud of yourself and don’t be afraid to celebrate your successes. You are incredible; you have made it through an entirely virtual semester and probably countless other amazing wins! Congratulations on a job well done!