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Spotlight: PASA Take Back the Night

Calendar of Events may drown you in messages about campus events, but be sure to flag this message in your inbox: Take Back the Night sponsored by PASA, Pards Against Sexual Assault.


Take Back the Night is more accurately a take-back-the-week, since it extends over the next several days. After the success of last year, the Pards Against Sexual Assault have a line-up events in store laid out this week, all aimed to empower survivors and allies with access to materials and support. Senior Executive, Reeve Lannigan 19’, comments on this exciting expansion of events, stating, “Last year was the first time our group, PASA, hosted Take Back the Night. We were truly overwhelmed with the support and participation we received from our campus community.”


The purpose of this week is focused on giving the Lafayette community an opportunity to reflect and band together in taking a stand against sexual misconduct and violence. While another goal Reeve mentions is to “reiterate our Lafayette resources and support for sexual harassment and assault,” it also goes broader than this.


The accomplishment of PASA’s Take Back the Night did not go unnoticed last year, and this year’s schedule is sure to make some waves as well. In addition, they hope to help everyone “consider their own role in changing the culture around sexual violence” and “how they can help shift the narratives around these issues.”


This week is indeed a way our small, tight-knit Lafayette family is making a difference. But to those outside our community, PASA serves as a role model to how sexual assault should be talked about and destigmatized nationally accross college campuses. In addition they hope to make materials and information available for both survivors and allies to get the assistance they deserve.


November 4th kickoffs in Farinon at 1PM with the nation-wide Clothesline Project and, while all events are sure to be memorable, Reeve’s is especially excited for the closing Keynote Speaker and Vigil, for its effort to create “conversation specific to Lafayette and our campus culture.”


The rest of the events, taking place Wednesday through can be found on the PASA orgsync page, or below!


11/4 – Clothesline Project Workshop

Join us in creating shirts that symbolize support for survivors of sexual violence.

Location: Quad

Time: Drop in between 1-6PM

Farinon Atrium is the designated Rain Location


11/5 – Documentary Night

Come to our short films viewing and discussion.

Location: Limburg Theater

Time: 7PM


11/7 – 5k Run

Run for solidarity for survivors and ending sexual violence.

Location: Grossman Courtyard

Time: 5PM


11/8 – Key Note Speaker & Vigil

Gather for our community reflection.

Location: Colton Chapel

Time: 7PM


This event is personal for many but also is centered around everyone’s impact on the issue of sexual assault and violence. Reeve believes “Take Back the Night represents the strength of survivors and allies speaking their truth through their stories in order to make a change.” It may seem too big or challenging for one individual to change, however, if we don’t who will? Who will be the voice of change? Who can stop sexual misconduct and violence, if not you? If not you, who will?

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